With Dana in Cologne

Cologne, 13/12

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In December, blogger Dana of How I met my outfit took us along to Cologne, where she showed us some of the special spots of her home town.
When Dana sets off on a little shopping tour, her first stop is to her favourite kiosk, for a coffee to go. Afterwards, she prefers to continue on to the Belgian Quarter. There, she browses through lovingly designed boutiques such as Magasin Populaire.

In December, sometimes a great way to keep warm is with a mug of mulled wine. And the blogger’s favourite place for this is at the Christmas market in the Stadtgarten. ‘Aside from the dreamy location, it’s a bit more alternative, not so touristy, with lots of young visitors and the best organic mulled wine!’, in Dana’s opinion.

Cologne Hot Spot

And where does the woman from Cologne go when her stomach begins to growl after an extended shopping trip? To her favourite restaurant, the Vietnamese restaurant LU, on Zülpicher Platz.  ‘A must if you’re visiting Cologne!’ For all the non-vegetarians Dana recommends: Cari Bo (beef curry).

Dana is a student from Cologne and has been blogging since mid-2014. On ‘How I met my outfit’, she mainly writes about fashion, lifestyle and beauty – with an occasional dash of fun and nonsense. Why? Because fashion should be fun – there are enough serious topics in life already.


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