Editor’s Workshop: The Science of SkinCeuticals

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Beauty professionals love SkinCeuticals. The scientifically grounded skin-care products are absolute favourites among beauty editors. To generate sustained enthusiasm for the brand among young journalists, in August 2017 GOSSIP+ PR invited junior editors from leading print and online editorial desks in Munich and Hamburg to attend interactive workshops offered with the launch of the new cleansers. Under the motto ‘The Science of SkinCeuticals’, journalists were provided with science-based and at the same time emotional insights into the background and products of Cosmoceuticals, the ‘in’ brand from the US.

Reporting live to their magazines’ social media channels, the editors were particularly impressed with the apple test: In this test, one half of an apple is drizzled with the antioxidant C E Ferulic, while the other half is left untreated. Within minutes, the oxidation process is evident in the untreated half; the flesh turns brown, while the treated side does not change colour. This is how C E Ferulic effectively protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment that trigger damaging oxidation processes in the skin.


In addition to the in-depth product training, each participant also received an individual SkinScope analysis, which affords a glance to the future: long-wave, low-dosage black light reveals pigmented, sun-damaged, dry or scaly areas of the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. The training manager of SkinCeuticals offered a personal consultation to each participant and developed a tailored, perfect skin-care routine with SkinCeuticals.

Editors from leading media, such as Brigitte, Donna, Glamour, Elle, Emotion, Gala, Grazia, Joy, Myself, Myway, Shape, The Original Copy and Très Click , were delighted and will pass what they have learned along to their readers – as they did here, for instance: http://www.glamour.de/beauty/beauty-tipps/unreine-haut/(sss) !

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