Ultra Violette influencer & PR campaign

October 2023


We love innovative brands – and are always impressed by how creative, ultra-modern and warm Australian beauty brands inspire people around the world! Over the past few months, we have been working with Sommaire Beauté to put the spotlight on Australian sunscreen brand Ultra Violette through a targeted influencer & PR campaign.

This included the organization of an exclusive influencer dinner in Düsseldorf, which brought together selected personalities. We also sent out an effective press newsletter that attracted widespread attention. Over a period of four months, we carried out four targeted seedings to strategically spread our messages. We also realized six paid collaborations that increased our reach and visibility. A particular highlight was our collaboration with the Douglas social media team, where we implemented an educational reel co-creation with Sophia Thorer, MD, to reach our audience in an innovative and engaging way.

Results that exceeded our expectations – a reach of more than 17 million
With contributions from 113 influencers, our initiatives achieved an impressive reach. A total of 316 pieces of content were produced, including 22 reels, 22 posts and 272 stories. These activities resulted in a huge influencer reach of over 11 million. Combined, press and influencers achieved a total reach of over 17 million, underlining the brand’s strong presence and appeal.

But why do influencers and the media love Ultra Violette?
Influencers and the media love Ultra Violette for several reasons. Firstly, Australia has become a trendsetter in the beauty industry and Ultra Violette is at the forefront of this with its highly effective ingredients. The characteristic Australian lifestyle, characterized by sun, beach and work-life balance, is reflected in Ultra Violette’s products. Their sun creams in particular offer light protection and perfectly reflect this lifestyle. In addition, the Australian beauty market places great value on diversity and inclusion. Ultra Violette contributes to a more inclusive beauty industry by providing a wide range of products tailored to different skin tones and skin types. Another important aspect is the innovative use of digital media and collaboration with influencers. These strategies are characteristic of Australian beauty brands and are used effectively by Ultra Violette to showcase their products in an authentic way.

Thank you to the whole team for your trust in us for this inspiring campaign, but also to the Sommaire Beauté team for the wonderful collaboration!

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