Influencer love Dr.Jart+

Duesseldorf, 10/11

Social Media | Influencer

In early October, Gossip+ PR developed a creative, ‘Instagram-ready’ mailing on behalf of Dr.Jart+ and sent this out to influencers. The package contained two of the brand’s great new products, along with a beautiful, personalised and hand-painted panel by artist Mari Otberg.

The bloggers were delighted to present the packages on their social media channels. The bloggers reported on their social media channels, registering an exceptionally high success rate of over 50%.


Dr.Jart+, the innovative, Korean beauty brand, combines professional healing and skin improvement with artistic elements. To minimize skin irritation, these highly effective products are created without artificial fragrances, dyes or alcohol. Dr.Jart+ has made its mark time and again on worldwide beauty trends, with innovative products such as BB Creams, Liquid Care and Sheet Masks. The shipment to bloggers was timed to coincide with launches of new products – the Micro Milk Peel and the Porecting Solution Mask for radiant, pure skin.

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