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Düsseldorf, 11/10

Classic PR

Effective mid-October 2017, the communications agency GOSSIP+ Public Relations is taking over media and public relations for the GARNIER and MIXA brands in Germany. In this capacity, the agency will be responsible for the entire spectrum of media relations for the two skin-care brands.

Since its founding in 1904, GARNIER has influenced the lives of women and men around the globe; it has accomplished this on the strength of more than a century of substantial expertise and constant research. Garnier’s history began in France, with a great pioneering spirit in matters of skin and hair care. Today, the name enjoys a worldwide reputation, one that has evolved over the course of a century. Based on many years of expertise, the brand sees its mission as one of creating effective and innovative hair- and skin-care products for a healthy-looking beauty that connects.
Further information is available at: www.garnier.de


MIXA was founded in 1924 by Dr. Roger, a French pharmacist. With great experience in creating high-quality formulas, and inspired by traditional herbal medicine, he developed coordinated products for sensitive skin. Since then, MIXA has been offering high-quality skin-care products that are particularly well-suited for the treatment and care of sensitive skin. In April 2017, MIXA became available in the field of body-care products in Germany as well. When MIXA develops formulas, each ingredient is carefully selected on the basis of three fundamental criteria: effectiveness, safety and high-tolerance.
Further information is available at: www.mixa.com

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